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Handmade custom curtains

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Nook Curtains

Accessories for your home with our curtains

Accessories for your home with our curtains: Make your home perfect with our best curtains in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. We offer a wide range of curtains and materials to choose from. Decorate your home with the best custom curtains for windows and doors.

Perfect design to fit the theme

Select the perfect curtains to fit the theme of your rooms. Style your space with a unique design and material. Be it a door or a window; choose the perfect size and style.

Unique design and style

Why choose a common design and style when you can create your own? Connect with our design professionals and share your thoughts. We give life to your dreams with our curtains.

Style your dream home

You can choose from a range of designs and variety to fit your home style and your budget.


It is all about style and uniqueness. Styling a house is not just doing the interiors and giving a fine touch. It also includes the perfect accessories you get. Make your home life with our tailor-made curtains from the best of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Give your house an evolved transformation with our latest tech curtains. Choose your style and let us know your requirement. We work on it and provide the best style solution.

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Professional Styling assistance

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Choose from the top fits

Curtains make your home more beautiful. Our experts take utmost care in designing your curtains to fit your needs. We tailor-make our curtains and deliver them promptly. Measure, design and decorate with our handmade curtains. Choose a preset theme or tell us your theme and we design it for you!


Curtain for every door and window

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Elegant style Curtains

Keep it simple and elegant. Choose the elegant style to match your home theme. Decorate your windows and doors with the best, simple and most elegant style for a luxurious look.

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Elegant style

Modern Style Curtains

Choose from the latest western and European styles. Accessorize your home with the best and latest modern style curtains.

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Elite style Curtains

Enhance the look of your house with our elite premium curtains. Choose from the premium material and designs for the best look of your place.

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Elite style

luxury style Curtains

Handpicked curtains customized to give a luxurious and rich look. Spoil your home with the best royal and detailed curtains for a 'goddess' look.

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Regional Tradition Curtains

Preserve our tradition with our traditional curtains collection. We have custom made curtains which reflect our regional tradition on looks.

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Regional Tradition

Blackout Curtains

Feel like watching a movie, but it is still sunny outside? Check our blackout curtains which block the light entering the window or the door. You can either block the entire light or limit the brightness just like your mobile!

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Blackout Curtains

Heat repelling Curtains

Feeling hot inside your home in summer? Our heat repelling curtains are expertly made to reduce the heat you feel inside your building. You can feel the chill even in hot summer.

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Anti bacterial Curtains

Stay safe with our Antibacterial curtains. These self rectifying curtains restrict the bacteria and germs entering your premises. These curtains are the best fit for schools, hospitals and colleges.

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Anti bacterial

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